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Stichting De Groene Koepel, te gast in de natuur
Postbus 413
3430 AK Nieuwegein

Tel. +31 (0)30-6033701

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book in advance?
While making a reservation is not required, we do strongly recommend that you book ahead if you intend to visit during the peak summer months, school holidays, public holidays or weekends.

Where can I book a Hiker’s Cabin?
You can book by clicking the Reserveer nu [“Book Now”] button on the individual sites’ pages on this website, or by contacting the site directly. Some campsites offer an online reservation system, while others can be contacted by phone or email.

Will I need to clean the cabin myself?
Yes – you will be expected to leave the cabin in clean condition when you leave. Cleaning materials are provided in all cabins. Some sites will ask you to pay a cleaning deposit, while others will charge you to cover cleaning costs if you are unwilling to clean the cabin yourself. If you find that the cabin is not clean on your arrival, you should inform the site management immediately.

What if the rates I’m charged vary from those listed on this website?
In that case, you can contact the site and ask them to explain the rate difference. You should be able to work out a solution together, but if this is not possible, please feel free to contact Stichting De Groene Koepel.

How do I plan a route from one Cabin to the next?
You can use the Site Finder to map your own route. You should then contact the sites at which you would like to stay to enquire as to their availability and submit a booking request.

Are dogs permitted in the Hiker’s Cabins?
There are some sites that allow dogs in the cabins.The search engine will help you to find exactly what you are looking for. Use the filters to stipulate your exact requirements.

Are the Hiker’s Cabins wheelchair-accessible?
A number of cabins can accommodate wheelchairs because of their wider doors, larger amount of turning space and wheelchair-accessible facilities. A number of sites also provide ISA (International Sign of Access) facilities onsite. The search engine will help you to find exactly what you are looking for. Use the filters to stipulate your exact requirements.

Is there a minimum age for guests staying overnight in the cabins?
While there is no official minimum age for access, some sites do prefer not to let groups of young people stay in a cabin overnight due to responsibility and liability issues. Be sure to always contact the site in advance to enquire about the options available and any restrictions that might apply.

Can I rent a cot bed or extra bed for the Hiker’s Cabin?
Although some sites do provide cot beds for hire, it is usually not possible to hire an extra bed, due to the lack of space in the cabin. You should therefore always contact the site directly.

What items can I expect to find in the cabin?
In each cabin you’ll find at least beds with mattresses and pillows, chairs and electrical power. The search engine will help you to find exactly what you are looking for. Use the filters to stipulate your exact requirements.

Are the cabins equipped with refrigerators?
Some Hiker’s Cabins have a refridgerator. You find the description of all available equipment on the individual sites’ pages on this website.

Do the cabins have electrical power?
Yes, all cabins are equipped with electrical power.

Can I also stay overnight in a cabin during the winter months?
This is possible only on sites that are open year-round and where the cabins are well heated or insulated.

How long can I stay in a cabin?
Hiker’s Cabins are designed for – and therefore highly suitable for – short-term stays. All cabins can be booked by the night. There is no maximum length of stay.

Do I require a Natural Camping Pass to stay in a Hiker’s Cabin?
Only in a Hiker’s Cabin at one of the Natural Camping Sites you require a Natural Camping Pass [Natuurkampeerkaart] to stay overnight. These passes are available at the actual site or at the website:

Where do I submit complaints?
If you find that something is not to your satisfaction, please immediately contact the site. If you and the management cannot find a solution to the problem together, then contact De Groene Koepel.