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Stichting De Groene Koepel, te gast in de natuur
Postbus 413
3430 AK Nieuwegein

Tel. +31 (0)30-6033701

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Foundation De Groene Koepel, te gast in de natuur came into being in 2014 following the merger of the foundations which used to administer the Natural Campsites and Hiker’s Cabins networks (Foundation Natuurkampeerterreinen and Foundation Trekkershutten Nederland). Stichting Trekkershutten, which was established as a volunteer organisation in 1986, noted that both holidaymakers and campsite owners came to trust the official Hiker’s Cabins over the years. The network of Hiker’s Cabins currently covers around 250 sites in the Benelux region, which accommodate a total of approximately 750 Hiker’s Cabins. With their simplicity, vicinity to nature and relatively low rents, the cabins are designed to meet the needs of today’s adventurous and environmentally conscious travellers.

De Groene Koepel, te gast in de natuur
Our organization is dedicated to the sustainable development of outdoor leisure facilities in the Netherlands and neighbouring countries. Our core values are sustainability, cultural history, the nature experience and Corporate Social Responsibility, which combine to form the basis of our efforts to promote outdoor leisure. We represent the interests of operators in the sector, and we maintain close contact with public authorities and private organizations to safeguard the future of our networks and their unique recreational value.

De Groene Koepel does not manage any Hiker’s Cabins itself, but rather certifies cabins that satisfy the set guidelines. Once every two years, all Hiker’s Cabins are checked by the inspectors of Stichting Keurmerk Milieu Veiligheid en Kwaliteit (an environmental, safety and quality inspection agency). Their efforts guarantee the quality of the network. Only recognised Hiker’s Cabins that have been approved by the inspectors are listed as Hiker’s Cabins in the Trekkershuttenkaart/Map to Hiker’s Cabins and on the website, and receive an official wall sign, including inspection stickers. Send us an email to find out how to apply for recognition.

Protected name
“Trekkershut” [Hiker’s Cabin] is a protected name and may only be used to designate Hiker’s Cabins that have been recognised by the Foundation and meet all the guidelines. The generic name “log cabin”, on the other hand, can be used by anyone and, as such, is not subject to any specific quality requirements.